Insight Fire Training Courses

Insight Fire Instructor Andy Starnes demonstrates a Firefighter Thermal Imaging Camera Training Using Max Fire Box.

Insight Training LLC provides fire behavior and thermal imaging training in all areas of the fire service from volunteer, career, industrial, and military fire brigades. They offer a wide range of high quality classes to fire departments across the country.


Intro To Thermography — St. George Firefighters Foundation Thermal Imaging Program In Partnership with Insight Training LLC

4-hour Tactical Thermal Imaging & Max Fire Box Fire Behavior Training — This course offering will include a classroom session with one instructor covering the introduction to tactical thermal imaging and fire behavior definitions.
Tactical Thermal Imaging Purchasing Implementation Criteria Training Program — Insight Training will offer a presentation explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each TIC in a classroom session 2.5 hours in duration.

Insight Training LLC UAS Thermography Training — This program has been specifically designed to address the use of the thermal imaging in UAS for first responders. This program can be delivered in-person or via a live webinar.

Insight Training LLC Fire Academy — This program focuses o  enhancing firefighter strategies, tactics, and understanding of the fire environment through a thorough understanding of heat and its effects through the eyes of an infrared/thermal imaging camera.
Insight Training LLC Train the Trainer Custom Training — This program will consist of 16 hours of classroom customized to the host organizations specific brand(s) of thermal imaging camera. The classroom portions will be followed by 16 hours of live fire hands on training.

Enhanced Search Methodology — The fire service’s primary mission is to save lives. This curriculum focuses on improving fire ground effectiveness by up to 70% faster through implementation of tactical thermal imaging concepts during fundamental search operations. Participants learn to enhance their fundamentals but not replace them.

Enhanced Rapid Intervention Training — The program will emphasize how tactical thermal imaging concepts can regain the upper hand and buy back time for our downed or lost firefighters.

8 Hour Live Fire Training Offering — This course will cover the introduction to tactical thermal imaging and spend intensive training on the application of tactical thermal imaging.

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