Arvada Auto X Vehicle Extrication: Multi-Car Pile-Up Scenario (Part 2): Stabilization

Arvada Auto X instructor, Bryce Segovia challenges firefighters with this multi-car pile-up extrication scenario at Arvada Auto X 2023 featuring Next Level Extrication in Arvada, CO.

In this continued vehicle extrication training, instructor Bryce Segovia takes firefighters through step-by-step instruction on the stabilization technique using Paratech struts within multi-car pile-up accidents.


So, we’ll show you kind of how to do that, but you can use these in a typical tension buttress. Tie them right to each other and still ratchet it or you can do it where you can have three points of contact and basically a cradle system and you’ll see the effectiveness on that too.

We may not even need a capture suspension, but the stabilization is we have too, like that’s not going away. So I would work on the importance and then this is a backup plan if we need to do it.

And everyone just ensure those collars are locked before you put tension on it, and this too. I would just twist it and now you have both hooks kind of working with you here.

Okay and then as soon as you start seeing that slight lift then you’re done. Now just double check your work, see if you guys are happy with it. Does it feel pretty secure to you? So, you guys let me know.

What throws people off is the way it looks here. We still got a pretty good try like overall. I can look at this picture and if these continued up. I almost have what looks like a perfect triangle right?

Alright so and remember every time we’re done, we want to just make sure this locks in place. Now it’s kind of complete.

Alright so now this is where we can talk about capturing the suspension if you want. See what it does. To utilize the least amount of equipment just use one ratchet from that tire around to this tire and try to see how much suspension you can bring up.