Decibullz Custom Molded Acoustic Tube Surveillance Radio Earpieces

When communication is critical and time is of the essence, your team needs a reliable, clear, and safe way to stay in contact. Not only that, you need a two-way radio earpiece designed for the job at hand, whether it calls for more awareness or more isolation. Decibullz offers both.

With custom moldable radio earpiece adapters at the ready, you can have long-term comfort that stays in place when you’re on the move. After all, the last thing you need to be worried about is your earpiece falling out. With these acoustic tube earpieces, you can stay focused on the situation at hand.

The Decibullz surveillance earpieces come in two models +Awareness to clearly hear your surroundings and your radio and +Isolation to block out your surroundings and better hear your radio communication.

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