Fire Hose Advancement Techniques | Doubling Back Tip

Lead-Stretch-Advance Instructors Tyler Capron and Leo Meli teach firefighters to double back with the fire hose when approaching a cluttered courtyard area at the Mile High Firefighters Conference 2022 in Denver, CO.

This structure fire training Lead-Stretch-Advance instructor, Leo Meli provides fire hose handling technique training. Firefighters train on proper fire hose advancement, where they learn the tip of doubling back with the fire hose.


When you’re coming up on an objective, pull past, you know we always talk about going wide around our corners, if we pull past to go wide and that’s our entry point, I typically will pull wide and then we’ll come right back on to our objective, right?

The problem is this creates a big casting net and you’re going to capture all this garbage.

So, I’m a big advocate if you’re going to pull wide, turn around and come right back in line and go in line this way.

This creates a tail of your slack and if you get caught up on this side you know you got some slack back here that somebody can work. So boom, you get caught up, you can drop it, you a little tail that you just created by doubling back.

So just on last little thing to think about. Don’t go wide and then sweep in, double back on to your line straight on to it.