Elevator Car Control | Elevator Keys | Elevator Evacuation (Part 2)

Instructors Chris Smity and Geoff Davis discuss elevator car controls “on” and “hold” inputs when using an elevator key during an elevator rescue training course at Carolina Fire Days 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In part 2 of 2 of this firefighting elevator rescue training video, Carolina Fire Days instructors Chris Smity and Geoff Davis discuss elevator car controls “on” and “hold” inputs when using an elevator key, and warns firefighters not to leave their elevator keys behind if they don’t want to lose their elevator car or elevator key to another company.


In this case, he fell from the roof, and this is his body somewhere.

When you guys go to cut, somebody’s going to have to hold ‘em.

You roll up like a little abdominal pad dressing. Pack four around… That way, also, he is holding any bleeding that is being absorbed.

Now that these are rolled up. If one of these saturates through? It’s going to a – take a while, but b…That’s a decent amount of focus.

Keep in mind, this was going through. You do still have arteries and veins.

Somebody holds them to stabilize it in. Even if you tape a triangle, dress it bandage, that… whatever you guys have, you can cut a towel…

Whatever works…go around…up and over….and kind of… basically, make it ugly, but whatever to tie them in, and you can always go under their foot and kind of, back this way…Make sure they still wiggle their toes, still feel their toes

And also like if EMS is there, they can then also put their speed squint or whatever they carry on.

This way. Now you got it protected. Their bleeding is controlled. If it’s still bleeding, obviously, like if he did get an artery on there, this would be a prime time to stick a tourniquet above it, things like that.

But but then it also gives you guys now something to hold onto, and protect them also.