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In this elevator rescue training video, instructors Chris Smity and Geoff Davis emphasize the importance of elevator safety and discouraging risky actions during an elevator entrapment situation. They highlight that the occupants’ safety is the top priority and that waiting for a qualified mechanic is the best course of action in most cases and suggest that the training will provide participants with the knowledge and tools to handle exceptional circumstances where a non-standard response might be necessary. Here is a transcript of this video:


What is the safest place for the occupants of the elevator … in the elevator! We’re gonna harp on this.

When you open the hoist way door and you open that car door, or you decide to take them out of the top roof hatch. Who owns those people? You own them. If anything happens to them, it’s on you. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, or the crew doesn’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t wing it. Wait.

 As tempting as all those big pieces of metal might be to try to climb up. Don’t do it. Don’t. It’s a machine. Things break. Where’s your elevator mechanic coming from? Do we know?

If the elevator mechanic says I have a ten-minute E.T.A.? What should be your play? Secure power. Wait 10 minutes. When they say we have a two and a half hour, E.T.A., is that good enough for the people in the car? They are going to be really, really mad at you.

But if you have some knowledge and you have some faith or you have that anomaly call where you have to do this. We’re going to give you some tools to be able to do it and successfully do it.