Fire Escape Windows | Window Fire Escape Ladder

Citizens First Fire Training instructor discusses tactics for safely rescuing individuals from windows in emergency situations at Carolina Fire Days 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In this escape window training video, Citizens First Fire Training discusses tactics for safely rescuing individuals from windows in emergency situations, including the preferred method of exiting through doors, but with a focus on the 6% of rescues that require window exits, emphasizing the importance of having at least two rescuers outside and utilizing ground ladders for ease of transition, along with step-by-step guidance on positioning and maneuvering the individual being rescued.


So, if we need to take someone out of that window… So, this happens in like I think 6% of the rescues, right? Most of the time we’re going out the door, which should be our preferred method, but we want you to go out the closest exit, right? That may be a window. So, you need to have some tactics to get civilians out of windows, whether it’s a brick structure or a commercial structure.

We need to get them up and out. That’s what we’re going to cover here. We’d like to have at least two people on the outside. You can do it with one If you had to, if you coming from the upper level, we’d like two ground ladders there and it’s going to make that much easier. Transitioning someone out to a ground ladder if there’s two with two rescuers out there.

So, when we get up here, we’ve got to come out the window. We want to get them here feet first. I’m going to take his feet and I will put his feet flat on the ground. Now, I want to squish him up as tight as I can. And we have our rescuers on the outside. So, I’m going to lean him up and I’m going to give them each a hand.

I’m going to cross ‘em using my knees to capture this progress. I’m going to get as low as I can on him. On ready, ready go, they’re going to pull and I’m going to push. Ready? Ready? Go. Now he’s at fresh air, right? Now, we got some time we can maneuver to get the legs up. Okay.

Well, maybe if there’s two of them, we can just pivot them up and roll them. Or if it’s a bigger person or coming up ground ladders when they need to turn him sideways and go one leg at a time.

* The training views expressed in this video are those of the training instructors, and not Fire Spotlight. The actions in this video are inherently dangerous and could result in death; should the viewers choose to adopt any views expressed in this video, he/she is doing so at his/her own risk. Fire Spotlight encourages viewers to review his/her department’s Standard Operating Procedures when adopting any new training views.