Coupling Drop Method | Multi-Family Dwelling Firefighter Training

Lead-stretch-advance instructors, Leo Meli and Tyler Capron, teach firefighters how to go vertical by dropping the fire hose coupling down to your engineers at a multi-dwelling structure fire., at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference in Denver, CO.

This structure fire training video teaches firefighters how to go vertical using the coupling drop method on an exterior staircase at a multi-family dwelling structure fire. Proper fire hose technique results in quicker fire suppression.


My engineer may be bringing the line to me here,

I’m going to do what we call a coupling drop.

So taking the back end of my line, and sending it down to my engineer.

The biggest thing I stress my firefighters is, hey, as soon as you get it up here,

Don’t worry about that segment.

Drop that down so at least they can start working on those connections.

so then all you need to worry about is securing that,

Now we can go from there, take our…

The big point we have to address it

is grabbing that coupling and bringing it to the door.

Come on back, grab a mid-point right in there, pull it on back.

Yep. Water, start masking up.