Fire Hose Preparation for Ladders

‘When Things Go Bad’ instructors teach firefighters how prepare a firehose for safer ladder operation at CSFFA Fire College 2022 in Parker, CO

This structure fire training video provides fire hose management training, teaching firefighters how to prepare fire hose for safe ladder operations. Proper fire hose preparation keeps the firefighter safe when climbing on ladders while also maintaining efficiency.


So, it’s pretty darn easy nozzle wise, there is a thing that I will show you for this piece once you get a hold of it.

Basically, you get it up to the top floor, take your nozzle and put it under your knee, take this on one arm, this one down, like that. You come in here, spread it apart, stand up and step through. Charge it, and it will just fill.

So that works really well when you get up there. This all just flexes and unravels up there in a good pile.

So are you saying, this is basically a minute man load?

Correct, yep.

So, we will have our pre-connects every 200-300 feet, so you can take that and just dump it into the yard and you keep this on your shoulder and if you end up not needing the 100 feet, just start flaking it off as you go. If it ends up being still 50 feet or more, it still works out.

Drop that off the back, it will be a different hose.

It’s tricky to get over that ladder, because you’re thinking about what you do when you get up there. Your thinking left foot over is easier for you than dragging that bundle up and over, versus pushing it over.