Single Person Alley Toss | Firefighter Ground Ladder Training

Magic City Truck Academy Instructor OJ Kolodziej teaches firefighters how to safely maneuver a ground ladder through a narrow alley way at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference 2022 in Denver, CO

This firefighter training idea provides firefighter ladder training. Firefighters learn how to safely operate ground ladders within an alleyway, resulting in quicker fire suppression and victim rescue. Below is the transcription of this firefighter training video:


At this station we’re going to go over an alley toss, a single person alley toss.

High shoulder, remember with the 24 and 28, where do we want the flap, away from our head.

So, when you come in you’re going to want to spot and dig, and then reset yourself, right?

So think about you got this behind you, so think about that painters carry that we talked about. The trombone that we are choking up.

So now you’re going to walk, as you walk, you’re going to spot and dig, and you’re going to go to the second or third floor. Alright?

You’re going to extend the 24 out, after you extend it, you’re going to take the butt end and push it into the fence.

Then we’re going to show you how to transition over, so you don’t have this fence that you’re dealing with.