Firefighter Ground Ladder Maintenance Tip

Magic City Truck Academy, LLC instructor OJ Kolodziej teaches firefighters how to replace the butt spur of a ground ladder at the The Mile High Firefighter’s Conference 2022 in Denver, CO.

This firefighter training video provides firefighter ladder maintenance training. Firefighters learn how to replace the butt spur of a ground ladder. Proper firefighter ladder maintenance extends the life of the ladder and makes deployment easier.


So, if you ever notice when you go to throw a roof ladder or a 24 sometimes they will skip. Alright, why do you think that is?

Your butt spurs come up flat, a little bit of a bevel and flat alright? Sometimes they’ll round out right? On the corners. That affects you getting your dig in.

So how can we fix the round out? So, all you gotta do is take this bolt out, slide this butt spur out put you a new one in and bolt it in. That’s it. Easy fix.