Firefighter Ground Ladder Toss Training | Spot, Dig, Throw, and Ride

Magic City Truck Academy Instructor OJ Kolodziej teaches firefighters various carry and throw techniques when handling roof ladders at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference 2022 in Denver, CO

This structure fire training teaches firefighters how to carry and toss ladders using the concept of balance point. Firefighters learn how to properly carry and toss ground ladders while also learning tips like adding a Halligan to move the balance point. Proper firefighter ladder tossing technique results in quicker fire suppression and victim rescue.


It’s roof ladders. How often do you guys pull out your roof ladders? Often? Every shift? Every other shift? Once a week? Right?

So, you’re just going to find the balance point. Right?

The way we throw it is we’ll have our hands kind of backwards like this so when I toss it, natural arm movement. Come around, we’re going to spot, dig, throw and ride in.

Add a Halligan to the butt spur end so that it counterbalances the hooks, and it sits in our ladder well.

Instructor Tip

How many have kind of short statured people that its kind of hard for them to throw?

So, what we’re dealing with is we’re not really dealing with the weight, we’re dealing with our angles.

So, let’s say this is our balance point. To make the ladder easier to throw we want to shrink this angle up. How can we do that?

Attach a halligan to your ladder for counter balance, and to transport tools.

So, let’s say we want to get the ladder and extra tools there.

So, all we do is add a Halligan to the butt spur end. That counterbalances the hooks, and it sits in our ladder well.

So, when our outside guy pulls his ladder, he will grab the roofer 24. He will add his tool into the rung and then right around here he will add that rope with ladder chalks.

So now his angle to throw went from here to literally right here. Just by adding a little bit of weight on the butt spur end.

Just this one tool makes the difference of shifting the angle this way to your angle now this way.