Over and Under Ladder Toss | Firefighter Ground Ladder Training

Magic City Truck Academy Instructor OJ Kolodziej teaches firefighters how to safely clear a drop line with a ground ladder using the over and under carrying technique at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference 2022 in Denver, CO

This structure fire training teaches firefighters how to safely maneuver ground ladders over and under obstacles. Proper firefighter ladder maneuvering technique results in quicker fire suppression and victim rescue. Below is the transcription of this firefighter training video:


This station we’re going to go over how to do an over and under.

So we’re going to say this is a drop line, we got to get the ladder from over there to over here. Alright? And we want to clear this drop line.

We’re going to go tip first.

He is going to take his hands and put them on the rung and he’s going to put his hands under, like a wheelbarrow.

Now as I’m walking under and up, what he’s going to do is start duck walking and all I’m doing is bouncing the ladder up, that’s all it is.


So now as I start bouncing, now we just cleared the drop line.