Firefighter Ground Ladder Training | Two Man Deployment

Magic City Truck Academy, LLC instructor Clay Magee teaches firefighters how to deploy ground ladders with a two-man team at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference in Denver, CO.

This structure fire training teaches firefighters how to safely deploy ground ladders in a two-man team. Proper firefighter ladder deployment results in quicker fire suppression and victim rescue.


When you’re going up, at some point your foot is going to move and that ladder is going to slide.

So, whether you’re raising it or lowering it, put your foot on the spur to keep it in place.

Traditionally, the way we were always taught at my department was to always hide back here right?

But, am I any good back here? I can’t see what’s going on, if he starts busting glass where’s it going?

On top of me right? If I’m out here, I can see, I can look up and see what’s going on, I can keep an eye on conditions if he is in there.

Punch, reach, and then I’m not trying to clean up all this rope.

So, I’m not pulling it all the way through. The key is big motions.

From here it’s the exact same thing he showed you.

Goes in the left hand, big motions because what’s this going to get caught on if I keep doing it small?

The cuff of your jacket alright.

And then the rest of this if I really want it out of the way, I can chuck it.