Tools of the Trade Part 1 of 3 | Firefighter Tools and Equipment

Soda City Training Instructor Mike Pfeiffer discusses his preference for small and compact tools at Carolina Fire Days 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In this training video, instructor Mike Pfeiffer discusses his preference for small and compact tools, his careful approach to preserving machines in emergency situations, and his choice of a rigid inspection camera for its close-up capabilities and screen quality. Here is the transcript:


I’m going to preach Milwaukee, ok. But the reason I preach Milwaukee is more there’s a wide variety. DeWalt has some great tools too. I love DeWalt, but I’m very, very particular with my tools. Just because of the fact that like I have one battery that can handle pretty much all of my tools. All right. I don’t want to get too big of tools just because the fact of my working in a small environment.

So, I try to keep everything, small compact, ready to go at all times. And that’s where all my stuff can fit in my little pack out box, you know, so I just can’t carry that around with me. But this is my entire kit. If I’m going somewhere for someone who is crushed inside a machine, still alive, still talking to me. I don’t want to destroy that machine.

Right. Because that might be a small mom and pop business. That might be the best machine they have right now. I don’t want to come in there and cut that thing apart, know what I mean? I’m going to stop disassembly first and then you guys get out there today you’re going to start disassembling. The inspection camera. You have different types out there, you have a cheaper version right here.

I’m going with a rigid one. The reason I use rigid is – if you got to see it on that close up. You got the nice screen.