Arvada Auto X: Tanker Truck Lift

Arvada Auto X instructor Mike Ulibarri gives firefighters heavy-lifting tips while they stabilize and lift a tanker off an SUV using Paratech struts and hydraulic lift equipment at Arvada Auto X, Arvada Co.

This vehicle extrication training teaches firefighters how to properly and safely use Paratech struts to lift a heavy tanker off an SUV. Arvada Auto X Instructor Mike Ulibarri takes firefighters through step-by-step instruction on the lifting technique used in heavy vehicle accidents. Proper technique with a Paratech strut results in quicker victim rescue.


On this one, the best practice when you’re doing a heavy lift and Brian will cover it over there too, is that a direct frame lift is always your best chance to do.

We’ll do a basket on this. All right. Just from the shape of what we have, we don’t have frame rails to go to.

We’ve got nothing back in here, really, that we can go to.

So we’re just going to do a basket on here and we’ll do a basket lift and chase right off of this.

Okay. Lifting strut angle, should be 75 to 85. And then my chasing struts that are in essence my cribbing. They’re going to be 65 to 75.

When I put this up here, the chain, I’ll bring the chin up against the tank. I’ll put this in there and then I’ll pull as hard as I can until I can lay it down.

Just a ballpark figure, but at 20 pumps, usually on most loads, it’s pretty close to that inch of lift. So you can pause with the handles up, get the collars.

Everything looks good. 20 more and do your lift.

All right, so let’s get that rigged up. Handles up. 20 more.

Keep an eye on the movement as we’re going to start to get true separation from the vehicle.

Yeah, we’re making clearance We’ll hold it right there for now, and let’s see how it goes.