Man vs Machine | Auger Accident | Emergency First Aid

In this real-life man vs machine scenario, Soda City Training instructor, Patrick McKiernan addresses the course of action for an emergency involving a hand stuck inside of an auger. Using a step bit to gain access to the interior, and an inspection camera to locate the site of the trauma, aid can safely be rendered to the patient. This training is Ideal for those seeking knowledge in emergency first aid for auger accidents..


There’s a hand in here. All right, this is sealed.

So very similar to the blower motor.

We got some step bits here. Got a drill.

You’re going to have to make a hole, get your camera in, and see where your hand is at.

And then same thing. Make a window and get your hand out. Okay, so there’s the step bits.

Start small, get bigger. Trying to figure out where that hand is.

You’re not drilling through the hand or cutting through the hand.

You got it. There. Those dark. And that is how deep down it is.