Man vs Machine | Firefighting Rescue | Firefighter First Aid Training

Soda City Training instructor, Patrick McKiernan teaches firefighters how to remove a hand from a HVAC blower using an inspection camera and a cut-off saw at a Twisted Fire Industries event at Carolina Fire Days 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In this man vs machine demonstration, Soda City Training instructor, Patrick McKiernan shares valuable insights on firefighting rescue techniques during an HVAC emergency. Using an inspection camera and a cut-off saw for precise and safe removal of a trapped hand, careful assessment and damage prevention can be achieved. This training is ideal for those seeking knowledge in firefighting rescue and firefighter first aid training.


You got someone working on an HVAC unit. Nobody did a lockout tag out… Cuts itself on. Right?

Just the way these work. Now the hand is somewhere up in there. You can’t see it. Right.

Don’t want to back it out again. You could cause more damage. So, what we can do with this one here is we have the inspection camera here.

You can snake the inspection camera up. Try to figure out where the hand is, and then you will utilize the cut off saw and kind to just make a square. Right? And just remove the hand from that.

You might not get in exact… where it is, but at least you’ll have a kind of an idea where you got to start.

Find out you have space on both sides to cut. Exactly.

Yeah, cut across the top…cool.

Anyone want a hand?