Going Vertical Using a Rope Bag | Multi-Dwelling Fire Structure Training

Lead-Stretch-Advance instructors Leo Meli and Tyler Capon teaches firefighters how to get vertical using a rope bag at a multi-dwelling structure fire at the Mile High Firefighter’s Conference in Denver, CO.

In this firefighter training video, Lead-Stretch-Advance instructors Leo Meli and Tyler Capron teach firefighters how to get vertical using a rope bag at a multi-dwelling structure fire.


When I call an investigation mode, I want to go light, right? Cause we don’t necessarily know what we got. We might be in a far distance investigation mode. Cause we don’t have eyes on the c-side yet.

I’m transitioning from pulling this attack line to the alpha side to maybe a high rise bundle if it looks like heavier smoke or a rope kit, Right? To make our vertical stretches.

You guys gonna be bringing that bundle to this spot here. Okay. Locating that mid-point, okay. Locating that coupling. That’s where we’re make our bite, right. This is gonna create kind of a lock on there, right? This is gonna, this is gonna get us that 25-foot span, okay?

So sit there, have this through here.

And all we’re gonna be sitting there doing is just making a quick little hitch on this bad boy here.

Go through here and secure that off.

That’s all it’s gonna be. So as you hoist it, it’s gonna be around that, and it’s gonna create that lock here. Okay? So you see that we got it through our bite. That’s gonna be securing it, this is locking it off with our coupling. Okay? So all we’re doing, I’m laying this out there like this. When you’re waiting down here, grab that coupling. Make a little bite. loop the bite and around the nozzle.


We got our own built in tagline. Right?

So if something gets in the way, as you pull up, to get it around any obstacles. So, the beauty of this, right? What do we keep preaching is we need coupling and the nozzle to the door to our entry point, right? This gives it to me. I don’t bring the nozzle up and I don’t have to just like unfurl all that surplus on top of my attack line.

I got exactly what we’ve been laying out every time, right. This coupling and that nozzle right over the top, we’re dropping that piece of rope out. I’m not worried about it, and just make my drag at this point.

Just make sure when you guys lay this out, you gotta come back address securing that line in the rail system and you’re good to go.