Firefighter Multi-car Pile-up Triangular Lift System Training

Next Level Extrication Instructors Chris Stufft and Sean Toomey teach firefighters how to rig a triangular lift system using a gripHoist, chains, straps and Paratech struts at Arvada Auto X 2023 in Arvada, Colorado

This vehicle extrication training teaches firefighters how to properly and safely use Paratech struts in a multi-car pile-up scenario. Instructors Chris Stufft and Sean Toomey teach firefighters how to set up a vertical/horizontal triangular lift system in order to create space between a vehicle and a jersey barrier so that firefighters have room to extricate the vehicle. Proper technique with a Paratech strut results in vehicle extrication. Below is the transcription of this firefighter training video:


This car is sitting in between two Jersey barriers.

We’re going to basically lift it up to about a 45 degree angle, maybe a little higher, maybe a little lower, depending on how much room we have to operate.

Some important things to remember when we’re picking an anchor system.

Just make sure your anchor system can support the weight that you’re pulling off of.

The GripHoist we’ll be using today is a TU-28

It’s a two ton, so it has the capability of lifting four tons.

So basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to split this car in half.

The base is going to go here, right? Flat up against here, because as we start
to pressurize it, it’s going to dig in, right?

V handle is going to be facing this way.

The straps are going to come off at 45 degree angles using the cluster hooks to grab, and all it’s going to do is basically keeping that from sliding left or right.

What we’re going to do is take the chains and we’re going to wrap the axle around here,
and then it’s going to go through the head of this and wrap around here.

What we want to make sure is that we’re kind of at a 30 degree angle ‘cause as we pull we’re going to go to that 45 degree angle,

We’re going to basically, about a two-foot section

we’re going to drop out on this side, and we’re going to make
a hook and I’m going to attach this (anchor hook) to this.

Ready when you are!

That vertical, horizontal system is what’s going to drive the Paratech into the base
with that vertical triangular system giving you your actual lift.

That’s going to allow us to basically open up enough space in here to gain access to begin to effect the extrication. If we can’t contend with these barriers at all.

So let’s get this strut over here, that strut over there.

Once we get into place, I’m going to have them lower it back down as those struts capture it.

If you don’t have Paratech’s, if you have Rescue 42’s,this can’t be done with 42’s.

It’s got to be Paratech’s. The 42’s aren’t rated for that trivical force.