Sleeping Dragon Protest | Violent Protest | Protester Removal

In this training video, instructor Mike Pfeiffer discusses the challenges of dealing with protesters, at Carolina Fire Days 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In this man vs machine scenario, instructor Mike Pfeiffer discusses the challenges of dealing with protesters, emphasizing the need to communicate and de-escalate situations without causing harm, while also addressing potential threats like impalement injuries and violent individuals, and stressing the importance of teamwork and assigning tasks for effective management during such incidents.


What we got here, we got a whole bunch of stuff going on. We got protesting. We got the protesters trying to jump the fence and clearly didn’t make it a violent protester. When we deal with protesters, know: our job is not to injure them. So we have to find ways to talk with them and try to calm them down.

We might have to put some force into it, right? Do something restraining. While we do this, though, you can’t still hurt them. This device is known as the dragon. We put a couple of people together, chains, and we can shut down the entire interstate in a matter of minutes. What would be our most critical thing? Impalement, right? Because that guy’s most likely bleeding out at this point.

Plus, we have a violent one over here, right? JJ will get violent. We don’t have PD on scene. It could be a psych patient. We still need some type of, like, you know, force to get them down, to hold them there so he doesn’t injure us while we operate. Now, the other two protesters, acting calm, right? We don’t know their trick. When they’re going to flip on us and start attacking, they get screams going to try to interfere with everything we do.

I want you guys to work as a group. One big group. Right. Assign tasks. Assign teams, assign cutting, assign patient care. Because we do have patient care. And we’re going to work through this as a team and have fun with it.