Super Vac Battery Powered PPV Fan Water Torture Test

Super Vac Marketing Director, Amy Speer takes a fully waterproof Super Vac battery powered fan through an intense water torture test with help from the all new Rosenbauer RTX Electric Fire Truck, featured at IKON Fire.

This fire equipment video showcases the Super Vac battery powered ppv fan. Super Vac employees take the fully waterproof battery powered fan through an intense water torture test. Visit for further details.


We never thought this day would come where we would rely on electric trucks and battery fans, but here we are. I’m Amy Speer and I am with Super Vac and today we are going to take this battery fan and we are going to put it through an extreme water torture test. With enclosed motors, waterproof batteries, and tough 3D printed parts, this fan is going to withstand whatever you throw at it. So, we’re going to douse it. We’re going to take multiple platforms, we’re going to douse it in multiple ways, and we’re going to see how it handles. We’re going to capture that footage, so here we go let’s see how this fan holds up.

Works as a mister too.

Well, you saw it could take a blast. Let’s go ahead and let’s get this thing even more wet. And like we told you, this things got 3D parts, enclosed motor so let’s go ahead and we’ll tip it this way. All the electrical components are soaked in water right now. It keeps running.

It’s time to get real serious, we have to break out some hose. Alright here we go. She’s still going. This time she’s not starting.

Well, there you have it. You’ve seen this American made battery fan and how it’s going to hold up to the water. It can take a lot of it. It can take torture. Obviously, you’re not going to want to spray it with 250 psi, but this fan is meant for the fire ground. So, to find your battery platform, visit We hope you had fun today; thanks and we’ll see you around.