Recruits Go Through Active Shooter Training for Firefighters in Fort Collins, Colorado

This instructional footage captures Front Range Fire Consortium recruits undergoing annual active shooter training for firefighters. This firefighter training video shows the chain of events of most EMS response to active shooter incidents.


Here is the situation. There are multiple patients down on the side. We got the active shooter barricaded on the Charlie side.

Typically, you have a rescue task force. When you get on the scene, do a face-to-face with law enforcement. Don’t just go charging into the house.

Walk inside and tell them what we have. They might not necessarily know.

Stop the life-threatening hemorrhage and then just drag them out. Anything with the torso, use inclusive dressing. If you can visualize where the police coming from, you can use hemostatic agents like that. You want to do hemorrhage control on the life-threatening bleeds and then drag them out.

The rest of the stuff that you do on scene, you’re going to do it outside of the casualty collection point.

You get a triaged account right away because your triaged transport officer, that’s the first thing they’re going to ask. How many, what are the totals. You need to have an answer ASAP. Trauma centers can only handle a certain number of red patients.

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