Firefighter Recruits Go Through Car Fire Training at Front Range Fire Consortium Academy

Front Range Fire Consortium recruits collaborate during this car fire training, focusing on fire hose techniques and fast-attack strategies during a vehicle fire training simulation. Below is a transcription of the video:

Strategies for a fast attack have the backseat firefighter masking up on a car fire. Car fires are going to give you nasty black smoke. Smoke from a car fire is going to be 10 times worse than smoke from a structure fire.

He’s pulling hose while you’re doing a quick 360 of the scene and talking on the radio and masking up. Start that attack at 45 degrees, shooting it underneath and hitting the ground fire. Until the car is cold, even if it’s warm, it is still off-gassing.

You want to attack from upwind and uphill if you can. Then have a mask on, even after you have knocked it down.

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