Chocking an 18 Wheeler

Heavy Lifting and Stabilization Training at Secrest Wrecker Service in Monroe, NC.

During this six-week Heavy Lifting and Stabilization Training series, we take a quick look at how opposing 4x4s can be crossed to chock a tandem-axle vehicle. This training footage was captured at Secrest Wrecker Service in Monroe, NC.


Just for tandem. Well, it’s the truck on the trailer. We just talk about it just bites into itself. It’s just criss-cross 4×4’s at four feet long. So, just stick it at the base of one of the tires. That digs in. Blocks into the other tire. So this now prevents it from rolling forward because it’s going to bite into the piece of wood, where the next one comes in and just opposes it.

It’s locked in this way. On the front set of tires. So, if it goes to roll back, it’s going to bite into it this way. The 4×4 locks into each tire, prevents forward and backward movement. So the good thing about this is that we do have just a little bit of lift on the back. We’re still not, our wheel chock sits on the ground.

This still locks all the way up. So underrides, or like we did over there, or we’re trying to do, we don’t have two tandems on the back of that truck. Well, this is, to me this is the go-to set of, if you have these, and like that one, it looks a little long, but if we let’s say we go to that flat trailer over there, you know, a lot of our flat trailers, they might have expanded, you know, movable rear axles.

So they may expand. It gives you that ability and that underneath the lockup, underneath that trailer to. Pretty simple, right? Just something we’d never thought about till we saw it.

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