Snap-tite Hose Inc Rep Discusses Fire Hose Management Using the N-Dura Fire Hose

A Snap-tite Hose Inc. representative provided fire hose management tips during a 2021 Central Alabama Training Solutions event, explaining proper hand placement techniques. He also discussed the construction of the N-Dura fire hose and how its build prevents hose reaction. Below is a transcription of the video:

This is our gladiator. It has a 177-inner diameter. It’s designed for the 160-flow model with the Freeman ratio. We matched up a 7-1/8 tip which allows us to flow 160 gallons a minute. We’ll charge this line now, and it has worked out those kinks on its own. It’s very kink resistant.

Take your hand off the bell and put it on top. That helps with fire hose management, and it uses less energy to run that line. That line can easily be advanced forward because it manages very well. It packs very well too.

It has some nice detents in the fire hose nozzle. We also make high-pressure lines but this one is designed for low pressure. This is our National N-dura fire hose. It’s a 188-inner diameter line with a calendar back. We make this fire hose by taking high-pressure steam, and mechanically and chemically bonding the inner liner to the inner jacket. This prevents hose reaction.

When you shut the line off, it’s not jumping out in front of you. Quality hoses are important to us. When you’re already having to fight to fire, you shouldn’t have to fight hose as well. Because of that, we designed these Snap-tite hoses to have limited reaction. This National N-dura is a great line for 75 PSI. We have it paired with an Akron turbojet selectable-gallon fire hose nozzle. We have this set to 125 PSI.

I always like to ignore the pistol grip and just keep my hand on the top of the nozzle. That always seems to help me gain control over the hose. Remember to keep it locked into your hip. The goal is to use more energy in dispersion and operation, not handling. As you shut the hose off, you’ll notice that it does not jump out in front of you. This Snap-tite hose is very tight to the liner, so we don’t have a dilation and elongation.

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