Firefighter Hose Training Techniques Using Shipping Container Training With Beaver Lane Fire & Rescue

This Fire Spotlight video from North Carolina provides firefighter hose training techniques. In this hallway simulation, firefighters use shipping container firefighter training to explain the importance of knowing how a fire hose nozzle reacts to walls and doorways. Below is a transcription of the video:

When we start talking about what a stream does in an enclosed environment, what I want you all to do is imagine this shipping container is a hallway, and that’s the end of the hallway. I’m going to start my stream at the ceiling and I’m going to work it back. I want you all to look at where the water goes and how it carries. Look at the wall and what’s running down.

Imagine if this hallway is now tighter. How about the door? Now, what’s in the corner? When we’re talking about return, we’re not just talking about the return that you all see coming down here. We’re also talking about the return that is coming down the walls because what is it doing to your sheetrock wall? It’s cooling the wall, right? Are we knocking pictures off the wall? Yeah, but so be it.  At the end of the day, we’re fighting fire, right? Understand what our stream is doing.

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