Passing Safely on a Firefighter Ground Ladder

Estes Fire Protection District’s, Lt. Nathan Meulener, teaches firefighters how to pass each other on a ladder when rescuing babies from a window in a burning structure.

This firefighter ground ladder training teaches firefighters to navigate passing each other safely on the ladder while also training them on how to carry a baby down a ladder.


What happens if I climb up this ladder,
mom yelling at me, “Save my baby, save my baby!”
You’re up there and you’re down here.

So I’m up here on the ladder, momma just gave me baby.
Hey, baby is on my left.

Left side!

See, that? So if I got the baby on my left, he’s coming up.
We want to see that baby between us. I have the baby in my left arm and he is hugging the left beam.

Or how ‘bout this…Right? Hug this beam.

Cause I got my coat, my air pack, you got a pack on. Now this guy comes down.
We’ve got to hug this beam while this transition’s happening.

What are we doing there? Balancing the ladder.