Vehicle Extrication Training Course Using Jaws of Life

·       : Firefighters endure a vehicle extrication training course at front range fire consortium. They use a variety of vehicle extrication tools such as the jaws of life tool with spreaders.

In this Fire Spotlight video, firefighters go through a vehicle extrication training course. Using the Jaws of Life tool, firefighters perform a vehicle extrication door removal. They also practice skills useful for vehicle fires and medical assistance. Below is a transcription of the video:


You need one person in charge with one plan. You have to communicate that plan. This is about being efficient with your jaws of life tool and the big thing about vehicle extrication is planning ahead. Chances are there’s something you could be doing or something you could be prepping for it.

Remember your order of operations. Always just be thinking ahead and look at what are we going to need next and get into position.

In a modern vehicle, if you don’t have that battery shut off, the chances of an airbag going off are almost one hundred percent. Even with no power, there is still a risk because it is always connected.

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