Firefighting Robot! The Ultimate Unmanned Misting Turbine


TAF60X Mobile Firefighting Robot

It’s no secret — mist is an efficient cooling and extinguishing agent. However, distributing mist long distances to keep firefighters safe has always been a challenge. Until now.

Introducing Super Vac’s large-scale unmanned misting turbine by EmiControls, which atomizes water and extinguishing foam into a fine mist before propelling up to 300 feet with Quadrijet nozzles and turbine propeller.

EmiControls advanced remote control adds another 1,000 feet of distance from the firefighting hazard, making these turbines the most ultimate unmanned firefighting fans on the market. Available in the mobile TAF60X model or a turntable MFT35H design.

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40 TURBINE-RING QUADRIJET NOZZLES Provides up to 400 gpm of water and features a choice of different nozzle heads. POWERFUL TURBINE PROPELLER Combines 25kW power with a polymer propeller to deliver a 35,000 CFM output. INTEGRATED AKRON NOZZLES Features Akron nozzles (or your brand of choice), producing up to 1,200 gpm that can be propelled up to 300 ft. with remote adjustable pattern

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