Keep extrication patients and crews cool using a battery fan and spiral duct

Super Vac’s Southeast Regional Manager, Gary Wilkins demonstrates how to use a battery fan as an extrication tool.

Last video we showed you the versatility of a spanner wrench. Here’s another out-side-of-the-box application for a different firefighter tool. You may be surprised to learn you can help extricate patients (more comfortably) with the aid of a battery fan and spiral duct.

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Hey there. Gary Wilkins, Southeast regional sales manager coming at you today in the hot summer sun. I want to talk to you about a way we utilize our equipment and non-traditional format. We’ve been long revered as the positive pressure ventilation specialists, the leaders of the pack. But today we want to talk to you about how we can utilize our equipment in a less traditional format in a hot summer sun.

We’ve had a collision, we’ve got a entrapped patient and we’ve got responders working. We’ve been able to take our battery fan. Which is operating with no emissions, no gas, no loud noise, only 77 decibels. And we’ve attached it to our ducting and we’ve plumbed it through what you would remove as the rear door there.

We’ve got it directed at our occupant and keeping them cool and reducing the risk of heat stroke, or heat exhaustion among other things that you’re having to worry about in a collision and trauma situation. By doing this, you’re able to reduce the internal temperature inside that car and make it more comfortable for the patient and responders as they work to save the patient.

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Additionally, we’d like to talk to you today about options for rehab on the fire ground and other situations that would dictate the need to rehab firefighters, whether that be hazmat. The car accident, as we had mentioned earlier, or an active ground fire. We have our mountain mister. Our mountain mister uses only three gallons of water per hour.

So even for rural volunteer, firefighting operations, you’re using very minimal waterflow, but providing a very effective mist. This mister will attach to the grill of our valor series. It will allow you to turn it on and then you can set it at whatever speed you would like depending upon how much mist spray you would like to achieve.

If the fan is in active fire attack, you can take the mister and throw it over to available tree or elevated source to divide a rain down effect of the mist. This Mister does not have to be used in conjunction with a fan, but we’ll provide you optimal results. When used in conjunction with our Super Vac Valor series fans.

Thank you for watching our video today. My name’s Gary Wilkins, Southeast regional sales manager. Again, I would like to inform you that if you go to underneath sales support, you’re going to locate your regional sales manager in your region, who you can reach out for additional questions. You can also find a dealer to get pricing information and availability on our mountain mister, and our attachment of the duct work for our battery fan so that you can use these environmental controls this summer.

Thank you very much. Have a great day.

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