Magic City Truck Academy Courses

Firefighters learn how to handle ladders and aerials during Magic City Truck Academy’s Dark Side of Ladders course.

The Magic City Truck Academy, are comprised of career firefighters from the Birmingham metro area. Their instructors work for some of the busiest quints and truck companies in their respective cities. They believe the art of truck work is a craft. A craft built on a foundation of constant training and continuous education.


Boom! You’re The Truck! But…I Ride an Engine (20hr class)

In todays fire service not everyone has a Truck Company. BUT every has an engine. In this class thats exactly what we’ll cover. Performing Truck Company tasks from the Engine!

The Dark Side of Ladders! (20hr class)

Many of us live in a sunny world of what we believe to be ground ladders. In this reality we just carry, throw, and extend ladders. But…there is another world. A world that’s not as sunny not as brightly lit. In this world Ladders are spliced, walls are scaled, and buckets are extended. This is the Dark Side! 

The Truck Company Officer (20hr class)

In this high intensity class we will reinforce or lay the ground work for aggressive, but intelligent Truck Company operations that is effective and efficient. This class is designed for anyone that is aspiring to be a driver, officer, or if you’re already one. This is for all those that love Truck work with or without a Truck!

Ground Ladders (5-10hr class)

Ladders are one of the most misused and misunderstood tools in the Fire Service. In this class you will learn how to conserve your energy, throw ladders effectively, and utilize them as a means of survival. When handled properly and with confidence your ground ladder program can run smooth.

 Force Entry (5-10hr class)

Forcible entry is an essential skill that all truck personnel, and all firefighters should be proficient at. In this class we will cover the mechanical advantages of the halligan, striking tips, door size up, including metal and wood doors, inward vs outward swinging doors, and the proper way to attack each. Students will practice forcible entry on a forcible entry simulator and any acquired property that is available if your department so chooses.

Vent Enter Search (10hr class)

This class covers the techniques of single-story and multi-level structure vent-enter- search (VES). Students will be divided into groups and will perform in all positions of the ground- floor VES station including simulating clearing the window, ladder placement, entry, controlling the room environment, search and bringing the victim to the rescue phase. Multiple stations will run concurrently so all students will get the opportunity to perform the skills.

Ventilation (16 hr class)

In this class the student will have an understanding of the science, building construction, and practical application as it applies to tactical ventilation of residential structures.

Aerial Rescue / Positioning (4-8hr class)

In this class we will ensure that the student is familiar with basic rope, equipment, techniques and the use of aerial apparatus to perform rescues.


Positioning is an art all by itself. In this portion of the course the students will be instructed how to get the most capabilities out of a truck.

Thermal Imaging Operations (10 hr class)

This course is designed for firefighter students of all experience levels. The material will give students a basic understanding of Thermal Imaging Cameras. Students will become familiar with the thermal imaging camera application and operations, including departmental SOGs for camera usage. The class includes how a thermal camera operates, situations where a camera can assist the firefighter, plus situations where a camera may not be reliable. The course can be tailored to your departments needs to include only a lecture/overview, lecture with drills or hands on drills only.

Saw maintenance and skills (4hr class)

Each student will dissect and operate different types of saws. Students will develop a better working knowledge of how saws operate, and how to do quick fixes if need on scene. 

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