Stop the crush using a spanner wrench

Heavy Lifting and Stabilization Training, Monroe, NC.

Fire Spotlight’s six-week video series on Heavy Lifting and Stabilization Training, captured in Monroe, NC, shows how a spanner wrench can be used to adjust the locking collar of a strut. (Check back next Tuesday for the last video in this training series.)


Paratech makes a Paratech hammer, does same thing, spanner wrench. I just put this in here and I simply tighten this up and now I’m good. I don’t have to continue to try to do it bare handed. Here’s all I got to do. I ain’t even got pulled up on it. I just sit there and just keep pressure on it. So as they start lifting, I can just sit here and put pressure on it like that.

So I’m assuming a hydrant wrench will work to wouldn’t it?

Yes sir, a hydrant wrench would work. The Paratech hammer is designed or built for that.

So now stop that right there is how simple this can be. Couple of struts, one strut. It just stops the crush. We’re not stabilizing the load. All we’re doing is stopping our crush.

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