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Super Vac, one of the leading manufacturers in fire ventilation equipment, is expanding its universal battery fan platform lineup with the introduction of a 20” variable-speed battery-powered fan, compatible with HURST EWXT/E3 batteries. With the introduction of this fan, Super Vac offers three of the most interchangeable PPV interfaces on the market, pairing with existing HURST, DeWalt or Milwaukee battery-operated products to simplify departments’ battery purchases.

Super Vac V20-BH with
HURST® EWXT/E3 batteries

The new Super Vac fan, model V20-BH, runs off the same batteries that power HURST eDRAULIC® Watertight Extrication Tools (EWXT/E3), which includes some of the industry’s toughest cutters, spreaders, rams and combi tools. Together, the V20-BH and EWXT/E3 battery platforms, are IP66 rated, making it the perfect water-resistant combination for the fireground.

It’s important to note while the HURST IP68-rated battery system is capable of running rescue products underwater, the fan cannot be operated under water due to the density difference of water compared to air. However, while the fan cannot be immersed, the V20-BH’s IP66 rating certifies the fan’s ability to protect against exposure to water.

“We’re proud of this addition. Super Vac and the HURST Jaws of Life names have long been trusted in the industry, and we brought them together to deliver one of the most dependable PPV fans on the market,” Super Vac President Roger Weinmeister said.

Super Vac’s newest fan is available with both 5.0Ah or 9.0Ah EWXT/E3 batteries, as well as 120-240V AC shore power. The fan delivers a soon-to-be-AMCA-certified 12,550 cfm output and up to 60 minutes of run time at max airflow, depending on battery selection. Adding to the V20-BH’s extreme versatility, the fan also pairs with a wide assortment of Super Vac accessories, including carry strap, apparatus mount, 20” duct, Mountain Mister (for rehab) and high-expansion foam generator.

The V20-BH is the only battery fan of its size in the industry, weighing in at 61 lbs. with a 28.25” x 28.25” x 12.5” footprint. The fan also features a unique design that allows an effective 180-degree tilt for various attacks, allowing the PPV to be directed at attics or manholes or positioned for positive or negative ventilation. The fan’s curved handle provides higher grip for better ergonomics, and standard tires make it highly maneuverable.

The V20-BH is available only through the HURST distributor network, which includes extensive coverage throughout the United States and the world.

“Creating this product partnership with HURST was extremely important to us because it allows our customers to properly source HURST’s one-of-a-kind battery,” Weinmeister explained. “In short, we’re excited to maintain Super Vac’s commitment to maximizing the use of your department’s batteries, which in turn saves our communities money and minimizes the waste of spent batteries.”

Super Vac V20-BH with HURST® EWXT/E3 batteries
Super Vac V20-BH ergonomic handle.

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About Super Vac

Super Vac is the world’s leading manufacturer in the emergency ventilation products. A one-stop shop for all things ventilation, Super Vac equips crews with a versatile array of only the toughest solutions, including the industry’s largest lineup of PPV fans, spanning from 8- to 80-inch blades, as well as smoke ejectors, available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch blades. Super Vac also manufactures rescue saws, rehab misters and other necessities. For more information, visit


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