When Things Go Bad, Inc. | Firefighter Rescue Trainings

When Things Go Bad, Inc. instructors prepare for V.E.S. training scenario.

When Things Go Bad, Inc.
FF Survival-RIT-Truck & Engine Company Trainings

Do you know what to do if another firefighter gets into trouble? There is no firefighter S.W.A.T. team to call. It depends on us to save ourselves and each other. The time for you to come up with a plan is not at the time of disaster. When Things Go Bad, Inc. teaches the latest and most practical ways to rescue firefighters in distress. By carrying the least amount of equipment with the most amount of applications we become self sufficient to rescue ourselves and other brother and sister firefighters.

Courses Offered:
Firefighter Rescue (R.I.T.) & Firefighter Survival
“Tricks of the Truck” – Truck Company Operations
Aggressive Interior Search/Rescue
Street Smart Forcible Entry
Unconventional Ground Ladders
Ventilation Made Easy
When Things Go Bad – Bail-Out!
Making the Stretch! – Engine Company Operations
The Not So Routine Fire Attack! More Engine Company Operations
Tactical Operational Rescue Course

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