Firefighter Dad Stories

Cartoon by Sam Wallace

Fire Spotlight would like to wish all our firefighting Dads a Happy Father’s Day. Please feel free to share your own firefighting Dad stories in the comments below. Here’s one to get you going …

“I remember when my dad was on the department, and I was getting my learner’s permit. I was driving with him in the passenger seat. A call came over his radio. (It was a Plectron in those days). He put his Kojak light (a little red warning light that held by magnets and plugged into the cigarette lighter) on the roof and told me to get him to the fire station. I was following the speed limit and he yelled at me,

‘Step on it! The the speed limit doesn’t matter now!’

Huge fun for an almost 16-year-old. But it was another 15 years before I joined a department and could rush to the station for a call”

— Roger Weinmeister, SuperVac Co-owner and President

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