Decibullz Custom Molded Acoustic Tube Surveillance Radio Earpieces

When communication is critical and time is of the essence, your team needs a reliable, clear, and safe way to stay in contact. Not only that, you need a two-way radio earpiece designed for the job at hand, whether it calls for more awareness or more isolation. Decibullz offers both. With custom moldable radio earpiece adapters at the ready, you …

Paratech Fire Rescue Equipment

Since we’ve been sharing loads of Heavy Lifting and Stabilization Training footage over the last month, we thought we would highlight the Paratech Fire & Rescue Equipment Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit.

OnScene Solutions’ Wellz Tool™ Aids in Vehicle Extrication

Featured Product of the Week — OnScene Solutions’ Wellz Tool pulls extra duty during extrication training. This forcible entry tool fits into a responder’s pocket and can be used to breach doors, open hydrants, block hinges, shut off gas meters … and as shown here, aid in extrication. Find more information about the Wellz Tool here >

Super Vac’s SVU Large Scale Ventilation Fan

THE MOST POWERFUL FAN IN A 50″ MOBILE DESIGN The SVU is one of the most powerful fans with its 6-point, 48” carbon fiber blade. With a wide array of configurations, this large-scale positive pressure ventilator can be mounted on a truck, flatbed, trailer or skid unit for mobility, making it perfect for ventilating airport terminals, manufacturing facilities, large warehouses, …


By Amy Speer | Advertorial FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Super Vac, one of the leading manufacturers in fire ventilation equipment, is expanding its universal battery fan platform lineup with the introduction of a 20” variable-speed battery-powered fan, compatible with HURST EWXT/E3 batteries. With the introduction of this fan, Super Vac offers three of the most interchangeable PPV interfaces on the …