Magic City Truck Academy Courses

The Magic City Truck Academy, are comprised of career firefighters from the Birmingham metro area. Their instructors work for some of the busiest quints and truck companies in their respective cities. They believe the art of truck work is a craft. A craft built on a foundation of constant training and continuous education. COURSE OFFERINGS Boom! You’re The Truck! But…I …

When Things Go Bad, Inc. | Firefighter Rescue Trainings

When Things Go Bad, Inc. FF Survival-RIT-Truck & Engine Company Trainings Do you know what to do if another firefighter gets into trouble? There is no firefighter S.W.A.T. team to call. It depends on us to save ourselves and each other. The time for you to come up with a plan is not at the time of disaster. When Things …

Colorado State Fire Fighters Association Fire College

The 106th Annual Fire College Coming to Brush, CO — June 20-22, 2024 Featured Courses: Building a Proactive Fireground Mindset Presented by McGrail-Fire-Ops Prarie Tactics – If Not You, Then Who Presented by Charlie Kludt of South Dakota Firefighters Association


First responders learn how to identify and address a human trafficking victim during this free iEmpathize training course designed specifically from the unique perspective of a firefighter, EMT, paramedic and 911 dispatcher. Watch an introduction to the course below or click on the enroll button for more information.